Scale Up Club

Raising Investment

Scale ups consistently report ‘Raising Investment’ as their largest barrier to scale. To help support their scaling journey, the team at SVC2UK designed our first event of the decade to help 25 CEOs break down that barrier.


Jan 30, 2020
Buzzacott Offices


Scaling your Business
Raising Funds 

Our Speakers

Husayn Kassai

Husayn Kassai

CEO and Co-Founder, Onfido

Margaret Manning OBE

Margaret Manning OBE

Partner, EY Digital ASEAN

Rodney Appiah

Rodney Appiah

Director, Private Equity, Foresight Group

Lessons Learned

We know that raising funds is both time consuming and one of the key barriers preventing Scale Ups reaching scale in the UK. This event is designed to remove that barrier by offering you access to experts in the field who can share their experience and connections, so that you walk away more confident in your ability to successfully raise in 2020.

Founder Funder Fit

‘Consider founder-funder fit. You should spend time with the funder & their team. Every member of their group should exhibit & exemplify the culture you are looking for.’

Husayn Kassai, Co-Founder & CEO, Onfido

Know Your Journey

‘Know this is your journey and don’t do anything because you have to do it. Do it because you want to do it. Be clear on what you want your business to do for you.’

Margaret Manning OBE, Partner, EY Digital ASEAN

Have a Sustainable Advantage

‘Know your unique sustainable advantage that gives you the win. As investors, we look for businesses that have a sustainable advantage over others.’

Rodney Appiah, Director, Foresight Group

I have been struggling to work out how to meet and get in front of investors, so it was really helpful to meet people like Rodney and talk to them about our opportunity. I really just want to speak to as many investors as I can now because I feel that we’re very much ready to do a deal.


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