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Beyond HERizons is a 12-month programme that offers a balance of education, support and networking opportunities to our cohort of female founders

Our mission for Beyond HERizons is to:

Support the female founder network on their scaling journeys

Empower female founders to pursue and secure funding

Build an inclusive and diverse network passionate about
balancing gender inequalities in the investment ecosystem

Why we are running this programme

A large funding gap exists in the investment landscape between male and female founders. We want to provide female founders with the skillset, network and confidence to scale their business.


of entrepreneurs in the UK are female


of leadership positions in the UK technology sector are women


of startup funding in the UK goes to female-only founding teams


Beyond HERizons offers a balance of content, practical support and investor networking opportunities. The programme is curated to be impactful and practical, ensuring that our cohort members receive tangible and sustainable support from experts, our partners and each other. The five streams of programme content are as follows:


Core Modules

Investor Connect

Experts & Advocates

Silicon Valley Mission


Peer & Ecosystem Networking


Beyond HERizons supports female-led companies that are actively looking to secure their next round of investment to continue their journey to scale. To be eligible for Beyond HERizons, we require companies applying to meet the following criteria:

Have secured previous investment

Have between 5-100 employees

Have a turnover of less than £40m

Have a UK-registered company

Have a minimum viable product

To be actively seeking investment within the next 12-18 months

meet our 2021 cohort

Ieva Balciute

Ieva Balciute

Founder, Alfa Vega

@alfavega_com is the easiest way to shop sustainable fashion and lifestyle products from 80+ brands. Founded as Aequem in 2018 by two female co-founders – the award winning company has quickly gained significant industry and media recognition, and is now ready for the next level growth.

Bibi Nelson

Bibi Nelson

Co-Founder / COO, LAIIER / Bare Conductive


LAIIER integrates intelligence where costly events are likely to occur transforming coatings into connected sensors. Working with chemicals, construction, and insurance companies monitoring, water leaks, level, and moisture. Founded in 2020 by Bare Conductive, the world’s largest printed-electronics prototyping community.

Kike Oniwinde

Kike Oniwinde

Founder / CEO, BYP Network


BYP Network is a platform that connects Black professionals to each other and corporations. They do this through weekly thought-leadership and up-skilling events, role model visibility through content creation, an annual leadership conference and a job board to showcase employer profiles and opportunities.

Aowen Jin

Aowen Jin

Co-Founder / VP Sales, Chicmi


CHICMI is an all-in-one fashion entertainment site, where fashion lovers can shop interactively online, build their fashion profile, expand their fashion social network and get the most comprehensive in-person fashion events listings in their cities. CHICMI currently operates in the US, the UK, Europe and Hong Kong.

Rene Perkins

Rene Perkins

Founder / CEO,


CityMaaS was established to address the needs of 1 billion disabled people globally while helping the business community to be inclusive and tap into $8tn spending power. We use machine learning and data to make the world accessible online and off-line with our digital inclusion technology and expertise.

Rahel Tesfai

Rahel Tesfai

Founder / CEO, FroHub


FroHub is an online booking marketplace for black hair and beauty.  Our aim is to reshape the hugely fragmented and under-served black hair industry. FroHub has the 5th UN Sustainable Development Goal at our core; we strive to empower women through technology, by allowing a traditionally-offline industry to move online.

May Al-Karooni

May Al-Karooni

Founder / CEO, Globechain


Globechain is a data-centric reuse solution making waste a resource for everyone. Globechain is the leading reuse marketplace connecting enterprises with non-profits, small businesses and people to redistribute unneeded items. We generate ESG data on the impact, help clients reduce waste costs and achieve your sustainability and SDG targets.

Mikela Druckman

Mikela Druckman

Co-Founder / CEO, Greyparrot


Greyparrot is using cutting edge AI-based computer vision to monitor, sort and audit recyclables at scale. Their solution provides waste analytics and new insights previously unavailable to waste managers, producers and regulators to increase recycling rates and inform on waste being generated end-to-end.

Ruby Pillai

Ruby Pillai

Co-Founder / CEO, iWarranty


iWarranty’s mission is to become the leading platform in helping consumers globally to manage and access their repair rights and reduce consumer-produced e-waste.

Zara Ransley

Zara Ransley

Co-Founder / CEO, MyPocketSkill


MyPocketSkill is an award-winning platform that empowers GenZs to Earn, Save and Learn about money by connecting 13-21 year olds to tasks and enabling them to save towards their goals with the help of behavioural nudges. It operates across three key verticals TeenTutors, TeenDigitals and TeenSitters and has a run-rate of over 1,000 new sign-ups per month.

Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Co-Founder / CEO, SPOKE


SPOKE is a new app & movement (currently in private Beta) that makes mindfulness and self-therapy more accessible by working with world-leading musicians. Unlike other mindfulness apps, SPOKE transcends current mental health management practices by combining personalised music, self-therapy, CBT and mindfulness techniques into an experience that is culturally relevant to 18-25s.

Katherine Jillings

Katherine Jillings

Co-Founder, ToucanTech


ToucanTech is a CRM & community software used by 200+ schools, nonprofits and companies in 20 countries to run their membership, fundraising, alumni and marketing activities. The SaaS platform combines a database, website builder, mobile app, email system and payments as an all-in-one solution for community management.

Deirdre Mc Gettrick

Deirdre Mc Gettrick

Founder / CEO,

@ufurnishcom is an online furniture search and discovery website. The website brings together 100+ leading retailers and 1m+ of their products, all in one place just like Airbnb, Skyscanner and Rightmove. provides consumers with a simple search, discovery and comparison experience to discover the perfect products for their home.

OUR alumni community

thank you to our partners

Hear From our community
“Why do I want to join the mission? To learn from others, share our experiences, support other women, build our network, and explore how best to grow our businesses.”
Farah Kabir

Co-Founder, HANX

‘The female founder programme has been truly transformational for me, personally. The group is my go-to place for all advice – the women are super-achievers, incredibly well-connected and with so much generosity of spirit to help and be there just when you need them.”
Dana Denis-Smith

CEO, Obelisk Support

“We believe that being a diverse and inclusive company leads to more innovative results; this is embedded into our mission, policies, practices, and procedures.”
Rahel Tesfai

Founder & CEO, FroHub

“The female founder network curated by SVC2UK has transformed my life. I am enriched by deep enduring connections with women who inspire me and lift me up on a daily (yes, we talk daily) basis! We are all open and honest with one another, everyone is willing to open up their contact book and share advice on a professional and personal level. I don’t know where I would be without it!
Melissa Morris

CEO, Lantum

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Download our overview for our full eligibility criteria and more information on the programme.

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