SVC2UK was born out of Ellen, Reid and I thinking:
what can we do to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the UK?

Sherry Coutu, CBE

Cofounder, SVC2UK

Compelled to fuel change.

In 2006, Reid Hoffman, Sherry Coutu CBE and Ellen Levy felt compelled to better fuel the global ecosystem for tech entrepreneurship, where knowledge and investment at the time felt siloed within Silicon Valley. 

From this compulsion, SVC2UK was born.

SVC2UK exists to support entrepreneurs on their journey to scale, removing barriers and opening up the ecosystem. We pride ourselves on the diversity and inclusive nature of our community.

Megan Smith with some of our 2018 STEM students.

SVC2UK Co-founders Sherry Coutu, CBE and Reid Hoffman with Janet Coyle, MD SVC2UK.

Our Purpose

SVC2UK exists to support entrepreneurs on their journey to scale, removing barriers and opening up the ecosystem.

Now in our thirteenth year, our SVC2UK alumni and community span the globe. We run a series of intimate, invitation-only events that culminate in a 3 day summit held in the UK during November, where we connect world-leading investors and serial entrepreneurs to academics, students, policy makers and first time founders.

Our ambition is to deepen relationships between Silicon Valley and Europe, inspire and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem – specifically the female founder community, ultimately building growth that sustains our purpose and economies.

This year, we’ll also be inviting leaders from within the broader European and Asian entrepreneur and investor communities to join us, with a focus on expanding the reach and inclusion of SVC2UK in the future.

We started SVC2UK because talent and entrepreneurship is everywhere in the world,
and especially vibrant in the UK.

Reid Hoffman

Cofounder, SVC2UK

Connections that change lives

The connections the tech community make at SVC2UK events are rich and real.

We design our events to be consciously intimate by making them invitation-only, enabling bonds to build and conversations to spark that don’t happen elsewhere. The successful CEOs who are welcomed into our Scale Up Club every year are matched to some of the world’s most renowned investors and entrepreneurs.

Within our female focused Good Growth Summit, first time CEOs connect to serial entrepreneurs and investors, opening doors to new opportunities and offering practical advice. We actively encourage peer to peer mentoring within our communities, creating further opportunities outside the summit for relationships to flourish.

Jacqueline de Rojas, CBE hosting a panel discussion at our 2018 Good Growth Summit.

We showcase how the most disruptive technologies are changing our world for the better whilst also presenting the reality of an entrepreneur’s journey, through the stories and experiences of real people.

Janet Coyle


Cal Henderson kicking off our 2018 CEO Summit.

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