SVC2UK 2019 | 18-20th November

Fuelling global growth through the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Since 2006, we have been connecting the best of Silicon Valley to the UK, showcasing the businesses using technology to change the way we live, work and play for the better.

This year we will be exploring how emerging financial inclusion, healthtech, edtech, cybertech and spacetech are changing the world both now and in the future, keeping a continued focus on how artificial intelligence and machine learning push the boundaries of humanity.

Sherry Coutu, CBE in conversation with Julie Hanna

“What a fantastic event! Three hours in a room with some of Silicon Valley’s brightest and best, and they were all focused on what they could do to support the leaders of start ups and fast growing businesses.”

Jessica Taylor


Serial entrepreneur Emma Sinclair, MBE interviewing Sarah Kerruish and Megan Smith.

Exclusive access to world class mentors

During our 3 day summit, we not only host open Masterclass and Thought Leadership events designed to engage and inspire the UK public, but we also host invite-only events designed to connect serial entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors and leading academics to proven and aspiring CEOs to support their sustainable growth.

Across all of our events, our speakers are some of the most commercially savvy tech leaders, founders and investors in the world, adept at building and scaling businesses, balancing profit and purpose to deliver global impact. As industry leaders from across the US and UK ecosystems, we look forward to showcasing a diverse group of speakers at this year's summit.

“Make purpose the north star to how you guide your strategic and everyday decisions; the way you position your products to your customers.”

Julie Hanna

Executive Board Chair, Kiva

SVC2UK 2019 Programme

Mission Critical

At SVC2UK, our purpose is to fuel the economic growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, opening the community up to grow scale ups exponentially, provide new connections for our female community and inspire the next generation.

This year we are on a mission to change the narrative associated with purpose driven businesses, working together to review and revise the opportunity afforded them within the ecosystem. 

We are inviting influencers within our ecosystem to work with us on the narrative associated with the positioning of high impact businesses (who balance profit and purpose in their operating model) within the community. 

We want to influence the language used to describe mission based businesses and shine a light on the opportunity that exists to push beyond solely driving profit. With 40 million millennials wanting to buy from and work for businesses having a positive impact on society, it is mission critical that we change our perspective.

Day 1: Cambridge & Oxford

Monday 18th November

Day 2: London

Tuesday 19th November

Day 3: London

Wednesday 20th November

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