Education Summit

A number of entrepreneurs who are leading the transformation in the world of education discussed what they believe the lives of students / teachers will be in the next ten years.

Whose lives will be more transformed by the technological innovations? Teachers? Students? Parents? What are the most exciting examples of impact from across the globe?


Sherry Coutu (SVC2UK Chairman – as Moderator)

We are delighted that Lord Puttnam will be kicking off the discussion with his insights on the digital transformation of learning in the UK.

Other speakers included:

Silicon Valley Speakers:

Diane Tavenner (Summit Schools) will share her incredible success with Summit Prep – a model high school successfully preparing 100% of its students for four year college acceptance and success.

John Katzman (Noodle Education) John Katzman will talk about Noodle, a search and recommendation engine for schools, tutors, instructional videos, coaches, and any other education resource.  Noodle  has been called out by The White House, Forbes (one of the “10 Greatest Industry-Disrupting Startups of 2012”), TechCrunch, and Mashable (a “disruptive start-up transforming education”).

Mike Keller: (Stanford) Part CEO, part technologist, part academic and all entrepreneur, Mike will share with us his thoughts on MOOCs.

Ben Nelson (Minerva) will be sharing his thoughts on implications for policy makers and university students in relation to on-line learning.

UK Speakers

Louise Rogers runs one of the fastest growing social networking sites for educators — first in Britain and now operating in about 197 countries including the U.S.

The London-based TSL is a fascinating glimpse into how education is changing quickly online, catering to teachers who primarily share lesson plans, but also tips and techniques with others for free. TSL, now largely online with $120 million in annual revenues garnered from a robust jobs listing service for teachers and other premium products, competes with other similar online services, like Curriki and

Eben Upton is Founder of Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi, is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. He will talk about how they are providing a tool for kids all over the world to learn programming.

Conrad Wolfram will talk about how to  refocus math education away from historical hand-calculating techniques and toward relevant and conceptually interesting topics.

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