2015 Scale-Up Club

Alex Depledge

CEO & Founder, Hassle.com

Hassle.com are dedicated to finding you the perfect regular cleaner, so that you can leave your chores in their capable hands while you spend your time doing something more fun. Hassle.com are not an agency. Instead, they’re more like a matchmaking company for customers and local independent cleaners. Established in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany Hassle.com is Europe’s leading domestic cleaning marketplace.

Alicia Navarro

CEO & Founder, Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a content monetization company helping online publishers earn money and gain insights from their commerce-related content. Founded in 2007, Skimlinks has grown to over 85 employees across offices in London, San Francisco and New York City, and has raised $24M in venture capital funding. Skimlinks is now extending its platform to enable retailers to run full-funnel marketing campaigns, leveraging Skimlinks’ unique wealth of commerce-oriented browsing and conversion data.

Andrew Yeoman

Co-founder and CEO, Concirrus

In an ever-increasing world of connected devices, having the ability to rapidly organise, digest and understand data can make the difference between a business’ success or failure. Concirrus offers a software platform to discover and manage structured and unstructured data. Using advanced analytics and application tools, customers are able to turn real-time insight into competitive advantage.

Anthony Fletcher

CEO, Graze

Graze is a retailer of exciting healthier snacks, created by 7 friends who dreamed of applying technology and big data to the food industry. Now one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, graze snacks can be found online on both sides of the pond and in over 3000 UK stores.

Aron Gelbard

Co-founder and CEO, Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild aims to use technology to make sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be. Their app and website allow customers to order flowers in well under a minute, and their UK-wide through-the-letterbox-delivery means that receiving flowers is as easy as receiving a letter.

Bernhard Niesner

Co-founder & CEO, busuu.com

busuu enables everyone in the world to learn a new language. Our 55 million users make us a world-leading provider of language learning apps. We offer fun, interactive lessons on desktop and mobile in 12 languages. In our unique online community, users practice their language skills with native speakers.

Bethany Koby

Co-founder and CEO, Technology Will Save Us

In 2011 Bethany co-founded Technology Will Save Us. As the CEO, she is responsible for its strategic growth, partnerships and balancing R&D projects with retail relationships and the all important educational agenda. Bethany’s goal is to grow TWSU to create more impact with its products and services, while shaping  a collaborative, creative, beautiful and fun business to work in. Previously, she was a design director and social impact specialist at the international branding and innovation company Wolff Olins. Bethany is a graduate of NYU’s ITP.

Bruce Hellman

CEO, uMotif

uMotif’s SaaS platform activates patients and care teams to improve quality of life and outcomes. Personalised digital tools help people make sense of their symptoms to better manage health. uMotif have bootstrapped to sales across UK, USA and Australia; were IDEO Europe’s recent Startup In Residence; and won the 2013 Cisco BIG awards.

Charles Purdy

Founder and CEO, Smart Currency Group

Smart Currency Business is a recognised international money transfer specialist, providing UK companies with tailored currency exchange services to help them mitigate risk and save money on international transfers and payments. It is passionate about educating companies, regularly providing news, insights and guides on currency, exports, imports and general business issues.

Christos Giordamlis

CEO, Prisma Electronics SA

LAROS a unique M2M Industrial IoT platform for ships that will change the way on how ships communicate with HQ and Authorities bringing efficiency, performance compliance. LAROS integrates the data from any ship’s sensor and subsystem and provides reliable information to the upper Management supporting the decision making process. LAROS team having more than 100 installations today is looking to increase capacity & existing presence in UK and Greece and dominate to a high demanding market with significant size and value.

Damian Hamp-Adams

CEO, Rocketseed

Rocketseed is the foremost email campaign solution worldwide. They convert everyday business email and into a marketing channel with irrefutable ROI in terms of lead generation, measurability, tracking and conversion. Compounding this, all data is applicable automatically into CRM. The business has five core product offerings and two principal areas of focus being SME & Enterprise.

Doug Monro

Co-Founder, Adzuna

Adzuna is a search engine for job ads used by over 7 million visitors per month that aims to list every job, everywhere. We search thousands of websites so our users don’t have to, bringing together millions of ads in one place. By providing smarter search options and powerful data about the job market, we give jobseekers the information they need to take control of their careers.

Eben Upton

Founder, Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is an educational charity based in the UK, whose goal is to advance the education of adults and children, particularly in the field of computer science and related subjects. It funds its work through sales of the $20 Raspberry Pi educational computer, a credit-card-sized miniature PC that plugs into a TV.

Ege Akpinar

Founder and CEO, Pointr

Pointr is the best performing indoor location and data services platform that is working with some of the largest airports, exhibition space and retailers in Europe as well as collaborating with leading technology partners such as Bosch and Microsoft.

Emily Brooke

Founder and CEO, Blaze.cc

Blaze creates innovative solutions for urban cyclists. Their flagship Laserlight tackles the blind spot by projecting an image onto the ground ahead of a cyclist. As the first in a range of products for consumers, Blaze also provide B2B solutions, with their technology recently integrated into the Santander Cycles in London.

Emma Cerrone

CEO and Co-founder, Freeformers

Freeformers is the Digital Transformation Company. We are disrupting the way business thinks to quickly adapt to the digital world through immersive hands-on learning experiences.  Many of our young trainers are a result of our one_for1 programme. For every business we train, we train a young person for free.

Ernesto Suarez

Founder and CEO, Halo Insurance Services Limited

Halo Insurance, and its growing list of retail websites internationally, is revolutionising car hire insurance and ending rental companies’ stranglehold on the market, with innovative products that are 80% cheaper and more comprehensive than when purchased at the rental desk last minute.

Eugene Tsyrklevich

CEO, Parkopedia

Parkopedia allows drivers to find and reserve parking online, on their mobile or using their car navigation system (Audi, BMW, Volvo, Toyota, etc) in 6000 cities. With extensive coverage in over 53 countries, Parkopedia is the leading information provider to automotive organizations around the world.

Felix Ertl

Director of Sales, ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG

The Entrade group designs, manufactures, and operates innovative biomass energy power plants generating electricity, heating, and cooling. The products range from small turnkey solutions to complex industrial facilities. Entrade manages its own project construction, operation, and equipment maintenance. Founded in 2006 the company has been named one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in Germany.

Jack Huang

Director, TRULY Experiences

TRULY is an online marketplace for unique, luxury experiences. From exclusive meet and greets with Michelin-starred chefs to behind-the-scenes tours at Sotheby’s; and from near space flights to immersive Mi6 experiences with ex-agents; our aim is to help create memories that last a lifetime.

Jack Tang

CEO and Co-Founder, Urban Massage

UrbanMassage.com is Europe’s on-demand start-up delivering massages straight to your door, listed in the Top 100 UK start-ups of 2015 this 18 month old has delivered in excess of 20,000 treatments to date and has the backing from the likes of Passion Capital, Felix Capital and Samos.

James Harrison

Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

Sky-Futures provides drone enabled data solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Headquartered in London with a global footprint in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Houston and Kuala Lumpur the company is servicing 36 of the world’s largest Oil and Gas companies in 5 continents.

Jim Darragh

CEO, CMO Compliance

We help our customers build safer, better-regulated working environments by transforming their approach to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) risk management. We provide simple and intuitive software solutions that make it easy to automate mission-critical EHS processes and to keep pace with complex regulatory and audit requirements.

Joe Parry

Founder and CEO, Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence provides data visualisation products and services for the security sector. KeyLines, its flagship network visualisation product, enjoys global success particularly in the cyber security industry.  Selected clients include Cisco, JPMC, BAE, MacAfee, L3, Visa and TripAdvisor.

Jon Shaw

Founder and CEO, Careflow connect

Careflow is a mobile communication platform that enables healthcare organisations to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost by providing more responsive, coordinated and integrated care.

Jorge Cortell

Founder and CEO, Kanteron Systems

Clinical information is growing very fast, but it’s stored in silos. Kanteron Systems makes it accessible and useful, eradicating disease before symptoms appear. Integrating medical imaging, pathology, genomics, pharmacogenomics, biosensors, and analytics. Saving healthcare networks billions of dollars while saving millions of lives. Personalized Medicine: here and now.

John Michael

CEO, iStorage Limited

iStorage is a global leader in the development and manufacture of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted ultra-secure portable data storage devices. iStorage products are used extensively by Government Departments, Defence Departments, educational institutions, local/central government, as well as countless leading multi-national organisations with products that enable them to securely compute, protecting their data, whenever and wherever.

Jon Reynolds

CEO and Co-Founder, SwiftKey

SwiftKey’s mission is to enhance interaction between people and technology. SwiftKey’s smart keyboard apps replace a smartphone’s keyboard with one that uses AI to learn each user’s writing style, delivering super-accurate word predictions that get better with time. This reduces keystrokes, increases productivity and makes typing more fun.

Kai Ederhardt

Co-founder, Oviva

Oviva is a technology enabled healthcare company, providing medical nutritional counselling in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. Our technology makes us c. 50% more cost-efficient than the traditional approach while offering a better patient experience. We counselled over 1200 patients and are growing our patient recruitment by 20% per month.

Marco Marlia

Co-founder and CEO, MotorK

MotorK is the leading automotive company in EMEA for digital automotive which has perfected a business model which helps OEMs and Dealers sell more cars through the biggest new car marketplace in EMEA (DriveK) and a comprehensive SAAS solution (DealerK) bundled with digital marketing services.

Marko Ruusinen

CEO, Miradore

Miradore is the European pioneer in managing diverse IT environments and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Miradore supports the entire IT lifecycle, including purchasing, installation, maintenance, replacement and retiring devices – eliminating a large share of manual work and ensuring security.

Melissa Morris

Founder and CEO, Network Locum

Network Locum is an online marketplace connecting doctors with surgeries and hospitals, saving the health service millions by cutting out the middleman. Unfilled shifts are covered in an instant at the fraction of the cost of an agency. Network Locum is used by 15% of UK GP practices and recently has opened up to hospitals.

Mihkel Jäätma

CEO, Realeyes

Realeyes is the world’s leading platform for measuring how people feel as they view video content. Emotional engagement is a critical factor in advertising success, but traditional methods fail to accurately capture how people truly feel. Through automated facial coding, Realeyes can measure the emotional reaction of anyone online with a webcam as they watch video content, anywhere in the world.

Nick Imrie

Managing Director, WhatUsersDo

WhatUsersDo is Europe’s leading remote UX research and usability testing platform. Our clients use WhatUsersDo to improve online conversions, customer satisfaction, customer engagement and better customer understanding. In fact, so long as it’s online or mobile, you can get qualitative user insights into almost anything.

Nish Kukadia

CEO, Secretsales.com

The UK’s largest and fastest growing flash sales site. Key strengths include a UK-specific category focus, a proprietary technology platform, exceptional behavioural data tracking, algorithmic personalisation across the site and email communication, 4m registered members, 1500 designer brand partners including Dunhill, Vivienne Westwood and Ted Baker, 49% 4-year CAGR, 110 staff and shipping over 750,000 orders (2015)

Olivia Sibony

Co-founder, Grub Club

Grub Club is a Marketplace for Pop Up Restaurants. We Connect Chefs with underused spaces. Diners enjoy Michelin Level Food in amazing spaces like a Disused Underground Carriage. Chefs build their reputation and a following, reaching a wider market through our platform. We take a booking fee for every booking.

Pablo Gravier

Founder and CEO, TrialReach

Pablo is the founder and CEO of TrialReach. Since 2009, the company has raised almost $20m in venture capital and grown to become a leading player in the digital health sector. Pablo is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built high-scale businesses in the online retail, travel, mobile, media, and now health sectors. His past firms include Kelkoo.com (acquired by Yahoo!), Kayak.com (acquired by Priceline), and ValueClick (acquired by Conversant). He was recently included in the “100 Club” by SVC2UK and the “Ones To Watch” list by The Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100. He’s also been featured in the Financial Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, Re/code, and more.

Partho Bhattacharya

Managing Director, Invenio Business Solutions

Invenio Business Solutions is an award-winning Business System Provider from UK. The company provides and supports exceptional, SAP based business systems to customers in the government, media and manufacturing industries that adds real benefit to customers. Invenio has subsidiaries in 6 countries. Throughout its history, Invenio has grown rapidly, organically and profitably and never lost a customer.

Rikke Rosenlund

Founder, Borrow My Doggy

BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community of dog lovers, where borrowers help take care of dogs when the owners are busy for walks, playdays, weekends or happy holidays. Our aim is to leave ‘​Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people.

Robert Timms

Director, Translate Plus

Translate Plus, founded in 2008, offer award-winning language services and translation technology to clients across all industry verticals, including Amazon, Google and DHL. i plus®, their cloud-based translation management system, enables clients to save money and improve linguistic quality thanks to cutting-edge automation and ISO-certified quality processes.

Ry Morgan

CEO, Yomp

Yomp is a B2B employee-engagement platform which improves Health & Wellbeing in the workplace – a proven means of increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and boosting staff satisfaction. Employees can form teams, log exercise, track stats, compete against peers, set goals and win prizes/rewards for their efforts.

Sarah McVittie

Co-founder, Dressippi

Dressipi (a fashion technology company) owns an unrivalled view of how millions of women shop via their award winning Fashion Fingerprint® technology.  Used by leading UK retailers (including M&S and Arcadia Group), Dressipi offers customers access to a personal digital stylist whilst driving strong incremental revenues and reducing return rates.

Stefano Ciampolini

Chief Executive Officer, Renal Services

Renal Services treats patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), using haemodialysis whereby a patient’s blood is filtered through a machine. The company was founded in 2007 and it employs close to 100 staff. It operates nine dialysis centres across the UK treating approximately 1,000 permanent and transient patients on behalf of the NHS.

Susan Harvey

CEO, Vocality

Vocality truly understands the importance of connectivity, and we believe that connectivity can take place regardless of infrastructure, technology or location. Our UK based team designs a range of software and hardware solutions that allows people, businesses and government agencies across the globe to communicate from the most unlikely places.

Suzanna Chaplin

Commercial Director, ESBConnect

ESBConnect is changing the face of email and putting it at the heart of the advertising ecosystem. We use the email address as a consumer’s unique ID, allowing a marketer the ability to create a custom audience and target them by any channel. This means a marketer can run their complete customer acquisition strategy from one place.

Tom Barnett

CEO, Switch Concepts

Tom is co-founder and CEO of Switch Concepts Ltd. Switch aim to make the digital space we inhabit a better place to be. Creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, bringing them together through innovative ad serving technology. Tom also works closely with the University of Southampton to develop future leaders in technology.

Vicky Brock

Founder and CEO, Clear Returns

Through sophisticated data analysis and a combination of product and customer modelling, Clear Returns identify the causes of returns and, more significantly, the customers most impacted. This means you can minimise the negative impact of returns on the business and your customers, without hiring an expensive data science team.

Victoria Bond

Founder and CEO, School Guide

School Guide is the UK’s leading school information site for parents. We take official data on 30,000 primary, secondary and independent schools and present it online in a clear visual format. School Guide makes it quick and easy to compare key school statistics and gives each school a unique summary star rating. Born in Bath in 2013, School Guide has established itself as the ‘go to’ destination for UK parents searching for schools and is the exclusive school data provider to Rightmove and Mumsnet.

Ugo Parodi Giusino

Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO, Mosaicoon S.p.A.

Mosaicoon is a technology company for the end-to-end management of online video campaigns, from the initial objectives to the tracking of the final marketing results. Founded in 2010 in Sicily and now with 5 branches in Italy and Europe; Mosaicoon has been internationally recognized for its innovation and its unique model called “Sharing Entertainment”.

Yonatan Raz-Fridman

President and Founder, Kano

Our vision at Kano is a world where anyone, anywhere, have the tools to learn, make and play with technology. Inspired by a challenge from a 6-year-old who wanted to build a computer as simple and fun to make as Lego, we’ve designed and launched the Kano Kit, a computer anyone can make.