Protecting Your Reputation

Building a good reputation – and maintaining it – is an important part of your business. Here are some ways to protect your reputation as you scale:


  • Keep your message consistent: Consistency in the style and quality of your messages is just as important as the content itself. Be sure to triple check your material before publication to make sure the message is consistent with the core of the business.


  • Build an international family: When taking your business overseas, it is important to maintain a consistent company culture that shares the same values and attitudes. One way to achieve this is to rotate employees between home and international offices, and for the CEO to consciously make the effort to be present in both offices.


  • Don’t forget your internal communications: When you are expanding, you need to set standards around communications with your team to maintain a consistent, thus reliable, reputation. If there is insufficient or poor-quality communication, the company’s culture and team morale may deteriorate.