Protecting Your Reputation

  • Retaining Quality in the Support Field: It is important to maintain the language capability in the house to check marketing materials before putting into the field to make sure the message is consistent with the core of the business.


  • Synergy is crucial: When the business is expanding oversea, it is important for the CEO to foster a relationship with his/ her employees overseas to maintain the balance and flow of the business. One way to achieve this goal is to rotate employees between home office and oversea office, making sure that the DNA is alive and well anywhere the organization goes.


  • Hiring senior management: Leading someone who is clever, older than you, or men is a good thing because their experiences saves you time and money. You should grant autonomy to these people and only help them when they need you. People actually want to work for a strong leader who is not afraid of being successful and has a vision. You should be that person even though you might be younger or less experienced than your hires.


  • Set rules about communications: When you are expanding, you need to set standards around communications with your team, as you are frequently out of office and away from your team. If the communication is not adequate, the company‚Äôs culture and team morale will deteriorate

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