Over 3 million jobs will be created by the app economy in the next 5 years.
Appathon UK set to inspire students for the jobs of the future.

Igniting local entrepreneurship is one of SVC2UK’s core purposes and the SVC2UK Appathons are one of the most practical and powerful ways we make this happen. This year Founders4Schools took the lead and gave Appathon a new twist bringing together schoolchildren and university students to come up with and build the apps of tomorrow.





Appathon 2014 Overview:

Throughout September and October, all primary school, secondary school and university students were invited to take part in a relay- like nation-wide competition.

  • Teachers were invited to host App ideation workshops in their schools to INSPIRE students in innovation and enterprise.
  • More than 200 schoolchildren came together in teams to CREATE 88 app ideas that they will find useful in their daily lives.
  • Over 3,000 people watched the pitches and almost 700 people voted their favourite ideas.
  • In Mid-October, University students chose from this pool of ideas and built working prototypes. 17 prototype pitches were submitted.
  • In early November, Appathon partner judges scored the pitches submitted based on the 5 criteria outlined by Reid Hoffman  (below).

Over 30 prizes were offered by partnering organisations and distributed to the winners ranging from technology kits from KANO and TWSU to work experience with Just Giving and start-up mentoring with Playfair Capital.

All the winners were invited to a reception at the House of Commons, hosted by Mr Speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow to celebrate their achievement.

The grand prize of the competition was a trip to California to visit tech giants including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Paypal.

Ellie Stevenson, Claire Higgins and Ellie Wilkie, three 13 year old girls from Inverclyde, Scotland and Benjamin Moss, Patrick Siu, Evgeny Roskach and Joseph Mambwe from Cambridge University who came up with the idea and built Smart Wardrobe and Smart Wear respectively were the winners of the grand prize.


See below what Reid Hoffman, our co-chair and co-founder of LinkedIn says about Appathons

Sherry Coutu, Chairman of Founders4Schools, one of the lead organisers of the competition, said, “It’s critical to show children where the future jobs are, and let them know that it doesn’t take a big leap for them to get there. Teachers can help their students start this process by running an app ideas competition in their classroom today. Initiatives like this one not only boost innovation in schools, but they are critical in addressing the digital skills crisis by showing students what it’s like to create the technology that they use in their everyday lives, not just use it.”

Michael Acton Smith, CEO of MindCandy and a supporter of the competition, said of the Appathon, “This is a wonderful initiative that will tap into the creativity of school children throughout the country.  We can’t wait to see what they create and hope we get a chance to work with the creators at Mind Candy.”

Steven Briscoe, the winner of the Appathon competition in 2011, has said, “The SVC2UK Appathon opened and ignited an alternative career path for me. It bridged the gap between University and Entrepreneurship; starting with an intense 48 hour competition that lead to introductions to technology giants including Google and Facebook and the investors that back high-tech companies. Silicon Valley shows what is possible in California. Because of my involvement in this competition, I’m excited to be working in the UK startup community and am currently building a company to that end.”


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