Effective Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR serves not just to grow your customer base and increase your sales figures, but also to attract new investors. Here are some things to consider when developing your brand:


  • Keep it simple: Branding messages should be concise and straightforward. The question investors care most about is: how is this product going to make me money?



  • Get endorsed by customers: Endorsement and proof of trust from previous customers and clients are essential. One way to do it is through social media platform functions such as Facebook’s video testimonials.



  • Have a good brand story: Marketing is the storytelling around product and how to bring that story to market. It serves as a foundation as where your business wants to go. Always look at experience through customers eyes and have them looking back at you to tell you what is missing from your product or service.



  • Marketing in international markets: When you go into a new country, don’t just dip your toe in – go all in. Pick up a post code, send in the whole team all at the same time, win that post code and build it from there. In addition, be mindful of the cultural and language differences during marketing.