SVC2UK Female Founders Mission: The Delegates

From 23rd to 26th May, The Mayor’s International Business Programme will be leading a female delegation to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Meet the female entrepreneurs heading to Silicon Valley.

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Female Founders International Visit: Day 0

Janet Coyle, who leads the Female Founder Mission to Silicon Valley this week, ponders on the benefits of taking an all-female delegation to Silicon Valley

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Financing for Scaling

Use your contacts wisely: Take every flavour of money you can get (crowd, VC, angel funding etc) and use it to your advantage. As soon …

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Building a World Beating Team

Open Communication: Hands down communication is the most essential point for any business. Encouraging open communication about work and personal life (to an extent) is …

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Moving too quickly out of your core market takes away from getting the core market product right. Move when you know you’re ready, not just …

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