International Expansion

Bring the locals in: when expanding to an unfamiliar market, it is crucial to partner up with local organization or hire local citizens who already …

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Financing for Scaling

Befriend VCs: Build meaningful connections with the VCs and try to gain access to their networks even if they don’t actually fund you.   Taking …

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Protecting Your Reputation

Retaining Quality in the Support Field: It is important to maintain the language capability in the house to check marketing materials before putting into the …

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Effective Marketing and PR

Make it simple: Branding messages should be concise and straightforward. What investors care about the most are two questions:1. Am I going to make money …

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SVC2UK: December Newsletter

SVC2UK: December Newsletter Thanks to those of you who actively participated in SVC2UK this month – our 10th anniversary! What a week it was. It …

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