Advisory Board

Andy RichardsAndy Richards




Dr. Andy Richards is an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor specialising in healthcare with a track record as a founder, director and active investor in more than 20 innovative companies over the last 14 years.


Chris BlundellChris Blundell




Chris is head of the global TMT group at Brunswick and a member of the Tech London Advocates,  where he chairs the working group on Capital & Investment, runs an entrepreneurs’ mentoring program at Central Working in Shoreditch, and is a judge for the McKinsey Venture Academy.


Cordelia MeacherCordelia Meacher




FieldHouse Associates, headed up by Cordelia Meacher, works with high-growth mobile, tech, and digital companies – and VCs, angels and accelerators – to help businesses achieve their next stage of growth – be that funding, a product launch, or an exit.


Hakim YadiDr. Hakim Yadi




Hakim joined the Northern Health Science Alliance in 2013 from PA Consulting Group where he previously focused on the integration of academia, clinical and business functions in the translational medicine field. In 2011 Hakim helped start the not-for-profit, Global Heart Network where he is a Director and Vice President.


Jonathan LuffJonathan Luff




Jonathan was educated at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne, Grenoble, and Bristol, where he studied politics, languages and international relations. In 2010, Jonathan joined the Prime Minister’s Office where his work focused on international issues. In late 2012,  established Luff & Company, a consulting firm specialising in the development of strategic partnerships.


Peter Lusty

Peter Lusty




Peter has over 20 years experience as a CEO leading private equity and angel backed technology companies in software, systems, telecoms and mobile industries. Before this he held senior roles in multinational technology businesses managing sales, marketing and R&D and did his first management buyout in 1993. He is now working with angel investors in the technology and biotech sectors as well as looking at the broader issue of how to develop tech enterprise in Greater Manchester.


Full List of Advisors

Alex Van Someren
Andy Richards
Belinda Raynes
Charles Seely
Chris Blundell
Christoph Loch
Cordelia Meacher
David Cleevely
David Hornik
David Rowan
Hermann Hauser
Jack Lang
Jonathan Luff
Kelsey Lynn Skinner
Nikki (Gunawardana) Brown
Puneet Ahira
Sarah Kerruish
Shirley Jamieson
Stew McTavish
Tony Quested

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